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Twitter 101

Updated: Feb 13

I recently met a charming gentleman for an elegant evening in Manhattan. How did he discover me? My Twitter, of course.

I feel it's my duty to pay forward my good fortune and explain a few pointers on how I make Twitter work for me.

What's the Point?

Before hitting "Send" I always pause, drink some tea, and ask, "Does this elevate my brand?" Keep in mind that Twitter is a business tool for us. We get the opportunity to showcase our personalities and set ourselves apart from the hooker crowd. I try to keep it light, funny, and positive. Sure I might get somewhat unhinged but... it's deleted quickly.

Plays Well With Others

I see a lot of ladies taking digs at others looks or making fun of them in some way. Is it not obvious that this hate doesn't work in your favor? Prospective clients are watching. And calling another lady "ugly" or whatever is probably against TOS and will make everyone hate you. Shitting on other ladies makes you look like a miserable hating Wicked Witch of "Westchester" stewing in your den of hate way over there in the Jersey boondocks. As Biden would say: C'mon, man.

Don't Ignore Your Sisters

The simplest way to boost engagement, which will then boost the number of clients who are exposed to you (and your website's SEO) is to interact with other providers. Follow, like, comment and retweet other ladies. I will follow large numbers of SW's, wait a week, then unfollow those who don't follow back (because why follow a provider who isn't going to engage?) Ask your audience questions. Hold Twitter Spaces (if you are confident you can wrangle in the drama).

Be Controversial

But not too controversial. Meaning don't break TOS. Look at the trending SW topics and give your opinion. It's not rocket science. The more comments, the more your profile is boosted in the algorithm, the more clients are exposed to your page.

Follow Back Friends

If I guy follows me who is followed by other providers, I often follow him back. There's a good chance he's a client. He also could be a time waster. But I've actually met great suitors this way.

Now go forth, and make those Twatter coins! And I almost forgot to mention the best part: Twitter clients are intelligent, screen, are generous and fantastic gentlemen. They are generally more thoughtful and sensitive. Enjoy🖤

If you found this information helpful or hilarious, you could always send a tip over to my email via Amazon giftcard.


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