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The Trouble With Troy

I first heard about Troy Amistadi the way everyone else did. Through the glossy A&E doc (watch here for major cringe) that made him somewhat infamous in the sex worker community as a self-proclaimed male escort FOR WOMEN ONLY. But wait, should I even refer to him as a sex worker? Troy invaded a FSSW Twitter Space yesterday and claimed he is not a "prostitute" or a sex worker. He says "Everything I do is clean" (implying that all of the women he was speaking with are "dirty").

Why, you ask, would a man who is not a sex worker continue to seek acceptance and attention from us? Good question.

It's obvious by the way he carefully curls his luscious locks that he cares deeply for his looks/image. He says if he were in financial difficulty, his family would bail him out. His father is a lawyer and Troy said he uses Daddy's boat for photoshoots. He said the only other job he's had is as a photographer.

I smell a spoiled, self obsessed man who is supported by his family. He LARPs as a "male escort to women only" (METWO? 😹) because he's thirsty for clout. He loves the attention he so desperately seeks.

Troy claims he started his non-sex worker sex worker business by servicing mainly escorts. So you're telling me you got paid to f*ck the beautiful women whom other men pay to f*ck? Cool story, bro.

But seriously guys, he's doing so well, he's raising his rates next year! And that alleged sexual assault is no big deal.

And let's just touch on the ridiculous double standards of life. In the YouTube video linked above, Troy brings his mother flowers and she's happy to be in a documentary promoting his h00ker career. Can you imagine such a portrayal on any piece of media around female SW's? The fact that we're humans with families is largest dismissed by the media. If a parent is featured it's because we're estranged from them.

Oh Troy. I was seriously considering booking you. But hearing you speak dried my nether regions right up. Pure dust at the moment. But thank you for the cringe. And I realize he's probably loving the fact that someone is writing a blog post on him, increasing his online clout. You're welcome 🖤

(You guys know I'm joking about hiring him, right? Giving money to a man is decidedly unchristian.)


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