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The Muck and Mire of TER

David Elms founded The Erotic Review (TER) in 1999 after a "bad encounter" with a companion. This negative bias informs the structure and history of the site. Because it's somehow clung to existence for so long (by blocking USA access at tenous points and allegedly working with law enforcement), TER has an inordinate and frightening amount of power over the livihoods of many women.

Because TER awards users a free Premium subscription for posting a new review, fake "reviews" abound. Anything for site traffic and clicks, right? I never know when someone I've never seen is going to write heinous things about every aspect of my body just so he can have a free subscription. Men can be absolutely savage in tearing down women, and the site thrives in the muck. I also never know when a new "review" will pop up grossly detailing services I don't provide.

TER requires an extremely detailed play-by-play of intimate activities AND intimate parts. It reduces companions down to mere inanimate objects. There is no option of rating her conversational skills from 1 to 10.

It publicizes activities that many of us would prefer stay private, with faces often attached to said activities.

Unsafe, often physically taxing activities like "bare" and greek must occur during the session, otherwise a companion cannot rank highly on TER (no higher than 7). This forces many ladies to feel like must provide these services in order to complete.

The site operators have a history of allegedly taking bribes for good reviews and extorting providers for sexual favors. I personally know a provider who was doxxed. TER ignored her emails asking them to remove her name. After weeks of emailing, they removed most of the dox but left up a shortened version of her real name.

A less grimy alternative to TER is Private Delights. Instead of incriminating explicit details and rankings based on risky behavior, providers are ranked out of five stars. There is also the option for providers to reply to what the clients have written. On PD, providers at least have a voice.


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