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NYC Dream Date #2: "Date Nights" at The Metropolitan Museum of Art

You know you're sick and tired of spending your free time streaming on the couch. Long overdue for an unforgettable experience, you shoot an introductory email, screen, send the deposit. And just like that, a Saturday night rendezvous has been arranged with that fiesty Redhead whose Twitter you've been eyeing.

The Metropolitan Museum of Art's new "Date Nights" allow us to take in the soaring spaces and and hundreds of galleries at night, making them appear even more breathtaking. Informal drop-in gallery chats and the chance to experience gorgeous live music are even more memorable with a stunning ginger on your arm.

We enjoy a cocktail or two at the Cantor Roof Garden Bar. You enjoy our intimate conversation while the setting Manhattan sun sparks the vibrancy of my luscious locks. I reach for your hand, whispering in your ear, "Would you like to see my favorite painting at the MET?"

I lead you to Gainsborough's portrait of Mrs. Grace Dalrymple Elliott, which seems to be of a princess in the style of Marie Antoinette's court. Born into an upperclass family, she was actually a courtesan and Mistress to many influential men, including the Prince of Wales (future George IV).

Throughout history, the company of beautiful women has been truly a priceless experience that many a person has treasured. As we continue this great tradition hopefully you will be inspired to sponsor a portrait of me, to be admired for generations to come.

That's not too much to ask, right?



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