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Canna Bliss

Don't really partake in cannabis? Or are you a tried and true lover of a delicious pot brownie. Whether you're new or experienced, I specialize in an unparalleled canna infused experience. This will slow any nagging anxieties and heighten your senses so you can relax and enjoy our time together. I find that canna infused orgasms are always earth shattering.

Sativa or Indica?

Sativa imparts an energetic, heady feeling. We'll feel empathetic and outgoing, while time still slows a bit so we can stop and smell the roses. An Indica experience is more relaxed, allowing us to examine our internal worlds. Hybrid flower provides the best of both worlds.

Let me know what kind of Canna Luxe experience you are requesting. I will provide either personally rolled joint(s), or a vaporizer that is light on the lungs. If this is untenable, I can prepare a delicious tea. 

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The Particulars

Please fill out the Canna Bliss application below to be considered for this experience. I take my work, and your health, seriously. It's important that I know your physical qualities and limitations, if any.

This experience is available to add onto any booking for $250. If the canna tea is your preference, the fee is $400. Making this tea requires skill, time, and a good deal of flower. 

If you are adding this session onto an Incall appointment, keep in mind that the hotels I can rent and get away with smoking or vaping cannabis in are rare so expect to travel to Long Island City. I much prefer Outcall appointments when providing this experience.

Canna Bliss Application

You are on your way to an unparalleled, totally rad experience, dude. Thanks for submitting your application, Weed Daddy!

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